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Laser Tooth Whitening FAQ

How long does Smartbleach® take?
Usually about one hour.

With Smartbleach® how many treatments do I need?
A single treatment is all that is needed in the vast majority of patients. Certain special stains, for example antibiotic staining from childhood, may need two or even three treatments.

How long does Smartbleach® last?
Assuming you look after your teeth normally, experience in Europe has shown that the benefits of Smartbleach® last for years.

Can you show me the improvement I can expect with Smartbleach®?
Yes, we can show you on a shade chart and we will guarantee this degree of improvement.

Does Smartbleach® hurt?
No. Most patients feel nothing. Some patients report a tingling sensation during the treatment. No anaesthetic injections are needed and no needles are used.

Will my teeth be sensitive after Laser Tooth Whitening?
Some patients have mildly sensitive teeth for up to 24 hours after the treatment.

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Cosmetic Dentistry was formulated to create breathtaking, healthy smiles. With this brief our Cosmetic Dentists are in demand. Many people are dissatisfied with their smiles and they want to make improves and create the feeling – Happiness.

At David Cox Dental, there is a complete range of dental professionals that work inhouse that can complete each and every aspect of cosmetic dentistry. Knowing this, you can be assured that you will be treated to the very best Cosmetic treatments available.

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